Endless Crossy Fun Run Game

Crossy Endless Arcade Game

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Do you know why the Chicken crossed the road? See if you can find the answer with NinthApp’s new endless runner game Crossy Road Chicken!

With bright graphics and simple, addictive gameplay this will be your new favourite game in no time. Simple but frustrating, Crossy Chicken has an infuriating just-one-more feeling that will have you tapping away for hours and hours.

How to Play;

The concept is simple: as Crossy Chicken enjoys his run help him to avoid the cars along the way!

Tap once, anywhere on the screen, to make Crossy jump in the air. Time your jumps perfectly to avoid the car as it races toward you. HOWEVER, each time Crossy Chicken jumps the car, the game speeds up! As cars hurtle toward you faster and faster, can you make Crossy Chicken jump fast enough?

With your score displayed clearly at the bottom of the screen, you can watch the numbers climb as the game speeds up. Crossy Chicken also provides the tally from the previous game so you can see just how much you need to gain a new high score. Challenge your friends and family to a game of Crossy Road Chicken and see who can run the furthest!

Don’t be a chicken, start playing NinthApp’s endless game today!

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