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Test your reactions and concentration in Ninth App’s free gaming ultimate brain teaser challenge Dash Down Racing! Deceptively simple game play may fool you into a false sense of security but just wait till the levels are on the rise!

How to Play:

With the levels rapidly rising, move as quickly as possible to guide the ball through the small gap in each level. Pressing either side of the screen will send your ball in the right direction, but will it get there quick enough?! Missing a gap will carry your ball towards the top of the screen, Dash Down the gaps before flying out of the picture!

Need for speed. Can you Dash Down?

Brightly alternating colours and simple game design makes it easy to navigate left and right across the screen. See your score clearly displayed top centre so you know exactly when you have beaten your friends! With that addictive just-one-more-go feeling, Dash Down Racing is sure to be your new favourite past time!

Challenge your reactions and take on NinthApp’s latest gaming challenge but remember, Dash Down!

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