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Join in on Ninth App’s latest free gaming adventure “Bubble Bath Phone Rescue” be careful, Don’t Drop Your Phone! Now available on Android, Amazon and the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod.

We have all played on our phones in the bath and have all experienced that moment of dread when you almost drop your precious device into the water…
Bubble Bath Phone Rescue recreates that dread with a little less risk in their newest release, an addictive game that requires quick thinking and quick fingers in order to avoid the splash!

How to play:

The game concept is simple, Don’t Drop Your Phone!
Tap the phone as it flies in the air to keep it from dropping in the bath. BUT we’re not going to make it that easy! While keeping your phone air bound, you also have to pop the bubbles as they escape from the bath. You have bright red crosses in the top corner of the screen to easily track how many bubbles you have missed. If you let 3 bubbles escape the screen then its game over!

With stunning graphics and addictive game play, Bubble Bath Phone Rescue is great to fill your spare minutes with, whether waiting for the bus or on your lunch break. Just don’t play it in the bath!

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