Road Runner Ninja Game – iOS, Android

Road Runner Ninja – iOS, Android

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On the streets our amazing ninja has hit the road, he is trained in the art of Jumping Cars which is handy as he has taken to the road to collect his favourite food along the way. He has been chasing down some vigilante ninjas, who just robbed the local fast food joint!

And don’t forget our Ninja LOVES his food, so make sure your eatting as you go along to keep yourself going.. the more you eat the fast you become, and fast the cars come to jump over!

To make Ninja jump – tap

To make Ninja double jump – tap and then tap again

Don’t get hit by the cars on the road!

– Super addictive simple touch screen gameplay!
– Endless game play
– Retro style 8 bits graphics
– Retro sound track
– Endless fun, with the “just one more go” feeling!

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