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Road Run – Don’t Get Hit

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Jay Walker Granny is lost and has accidentally stumbled on a busy crossy road while trying to find her way home. Can you help Jay Walker Granny to cross the highway road, dodging speeding traffic on the way?!

How to Play:

Tap the on screen controls to move Granny up, down, left and right. Move quickly! You need to avoid the cars and lorries as they speed down the motorway. Will Granny reach the other side without being squished? Carefully navigate the lanes and collect coins on the way, banking your booty in the treasure chests each time you safely reach the other side.

Earn enough coins to unlock special versions of Jay Walker Granny.

– Ninja Granny

– Zombie Granny

– Young Granny

Develop your own technique to help Granny avoid the traffic. Simply addictive, Jay Walker Granny will have you playing again and again as you try to beat your high score. Save up your coins and unlock all of the Jay Walking Grannies!

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