Mission Impossible Space Jam

Mission Impossible – Kim Candy iOS App

Available on Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon App Store

Introducing Kim Candy mission impossible exclusive to iOS

Kim Candy’s latest game saga has taken her to the stars in her own spaceship!

Help Kim on her universal mission in NinthApp’s newest challenge game! With 2 game modes, you get double the fun with this brand new app. Either play level by level and track your progress across the galaxies OR play in an endless universe for an ever-lasting challenge!


Two game modes.

1. 25 Levels

Play with levels to progress across the universe.

2. Endless Game Play

Play on an Endless universe where you can earn rewards on how far you progress.

– [ HOW TO PLAY ] –

Make Kim Candy jump by tapping as the asteroids and planets rotate.

Double tap to make Kim Candy double jump to reach jumps that need that little extra boost.

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