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Square Pong Challenge Game

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In a quirky twist on a classic game, NinthApp brings a new dimension to your screens with their newest challenge game! The game only involves you, a paddle and a ball….Could it get any simpler? Challenge your reaction skills and try to defeat Square Pong!

How To Play:

The concept is deceptively simple. All you have to do is keep your ball bouncing inside the white square. If it escapes, GAME OVER!

As you play, the paddle travels around the edge of the square. With each tap of the screen the paddle will change direction. Predict where the ball will bounce and get your paddle there in time!

A counter boldly displays the current score directly in the centre of the game so you can easily check if you are beating your high score. Bold and clear graphics mean that there are no distractions while you are trying to tackle the Square Pong challenge. With an addictive just-one-more-go feeling, Square Pong will have you glued to your screen for game after game!

So simple but so challenging, Square Pong will frustrate and exasperate you!

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